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Kyra's Sacred Valley


An ocean breeze blows the smell of sweet salty air along the coast that you find yourself walking. You were told Allaya Island was cursed and sharks swarm the waters surrounding it. Though after further research, many tribal myths and legends surround the island, but no accounts have ever been proven true. Also, yes there are sharks in the ocean, it's where they live, but they do not swarm the islands waters, only a reef thousands meters out at sea. So, there maybe a few more than normal swimming about, compared to near the cotenants beach's.

After walking the beach's you head inland into what looks to be a temperate rainforest, like the Great Bear Forest of British Columbia. The lush grass is nearly as tall as you are in some places and taller than you in others. The conifers own the canopy, slender silver bark birch trees own three quarters of the sunlight left over from canopy and the last of the sun's rays belong to all the tall towering, green, lush grass and ferns.

After what you think may be forty five minutes has passed, you notice that light due covers most of the ground foliage and a light mist hangs in the air. As you move forward the mist only seems to get thicker and now covers everything, including you in a fine layer of due. Birds calls, ferns rustling and twigs snap from time to time, though their owner never reveals themselves to you.

Just when you think, ‘If I go any further I will be good and lost, soaked and will not be able to see my own hands in front of my face’, the mist lightens and after a few more steps, has all but vanished. You now stand at the beginning of a small trail lined with bright green ferns and birch trees, the conifers are no where in sight.

At the end of the trail it leads to a big cave. You stop and peer into the opening; you can see it is just a giant cavern, there is enough light streaming through from wholes in the ceiling that you can see perfectly fine. You step in and look about the cavern, nothing to special about it. In a niche far up that creates a tiny over hang where light does not penetrate too much, bats hang sleeping. There are swifts and swallows that have made their nests and homes along the cave walls; close to the ceiling. They chirp and zip about their nests not even caring they have a visitor.

Looking away from the mammals and birds, you noticed smudged bootprints in the cave dirt. So, you are not the first to get through the mist and to see the creatures that inhabit the cave. You follow the footprints and they lead you a small gap in the wall that is not visible from the opening of the cave. You walk into the small cavern which only has one small whole in its ceiling to light up the room. On the walls are faint pictures of many different creatures. From a mermaid, to what looks like horses and all equines a myth, to dolphins, whales and many others. They are faint so you have to be close to see them. On the other wall, the one that is not light up as much, there seems to be a circle with a crescent moon and a rearing unicorn in it, surrounded my millions of tiny butterflies.

This whole room is weird, but for some reason you have the urge to touch the drawing of the rearing unicorn. As you do, your not sure if you imagine it or not, but it seems to feel warm. It keeps getting warmer and even softer? As if... As if you where stroking the mythical animal. You pull your hand back and jump away from the wall to watch in shock as the unicorn’s eye flashes an eerie blue colour and soon after so does his horn. He moves from rearing to a standing position, so his horn rests on the floating crescent moon in front of him. It immediately turns purple and a bright light flashes before the room and cave floor you are standing on melts away before your very eyes.

A moment later you stand on a beach where a rock arch way is covered head to toe in flowers and moss. The formations of these plants and even some of the arch way itself looks like horses. Cheerful giggles are heard from the other side of the large low archway. You walk through and see a skymagenta haired girl trying not to laugh at your bewildered expression on your face.

She sits on a rock that looks like an orca jumping towards the ocean. Her long hair is tied back by a blue ribbon; she wears a blue tang top with dark purple butterflies on it, a skirt identical to the top and blue shorts underneath the skirt. A skymagenta pendant hangs around her neck on a silver chain and two bracelets are around her right wrist. Her eyes match her pendant also being a skymagenta colour. She smiles and jumps down onto the sand close to you.

"Hi, I am Kyra. Nice to meet you," her voice is light and friendly.

You state your name and tell her it's nice to meet her, as well as, to where you are.

She laughs, "You are in my Sacred Valley. So I guess you would call it, Kyra's Sacred Valley. This is where my bonded's live and I do when not walking the world you do."

She pauses to let this information sink in. Then, just as you are about to ask more questions she speaks again.

"You found the secret cavern on Allaya Island and you touched my spirit guardian, Moonsilver. He looked at you and deemed you worthy to pass through the portal to here. If as you stroked him, he felt you would cause any ill will here, nothing would happen and you would be unaware of the portal you could have passed through. To see my bonded's follow me to the sapphire pools." With that said she turns and walks into the forest.

You follow her and after some time you come to a statue of her and two horses. She strokes the two horses and then moves on, not giving you a chance to read the plate at the bottom. You will have to come back and check it later.

Before you now are a meadow, with a lake and waterfall on the far side and a bluefish black rock to the right and forest and highlands on the other side. Kyra has walked over to the rock formation of a wave. That is the shape it looks like now that you are closer. You watch her dip a finger into each pool. As she does an image appears. You see different locations of what you deem to be part of the island, though no creatures are present.

You turn to her and as you go to speak, she does instead. "These are trust pools. I can see my bonded's hear quickly and they feel my presence, incase I can not stay long because the world we both live in demands I my return. I also know that when you have to be at home, it will call you back, though now that you have come here once Moonsilver will see you and allow you in straight away and you will appear here, instead of at the ocean side. Also, I know you can't see my bonded's but as you watch the pools and they feel your presence; once they deem you worthy will you be able to see them. After a while longer you can touch a dream pool and if it glows you will be brought to their part of the realm. You can search for them now, but Sacred Valley only reveals to you what it wishes and deems you worthy of being able to see. My bondeds may be right in front of you and you would deem it to be a bush or as it moves by, a strong breeze.

She pauses and glances at one of the last pools, her eyes glowing with much affection. Kyra looks back at you; one of my boneded calls me. Feel free to come and go as you please, but do not bring others, since Moonsilver will not allow more than one wanderer hear at a time. It is safer that way for us and my bondeds."

With that she touches a pool, it glows a purple colour which runs up her arm and over her. Then in the next instant she is gone and the pool returns to the way it looked before it glowed. So now you watch the pools hoping that a bonded will trust you enough to reveal it's self to you soon. Sionayra

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